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Shopping for food and beverages. Shopping for food and beverages. Alcohol is very expensive in Bali, because of high taxes up to 300% on alcoholic beverages. We are providing you in the Villa gin, vodka, whiskey, white wine and red wine bottles at reasonable prices.

Canggu Deli – within 10 minutes. All basic purchases can be covered here. Should there be a large or complex shopping - the Bali Deli has better choices (in heavy traffic but quickly lose two hours on the road).
Bali Deli – the Balinese Globus-Traiteur can be reached in about 1 hour.
Carfour – French MMM, for all wild shopping fans. On the 3rd Floor you will find much more than just food.
Galleria Bali – large shopping center with various shops.
Galleria Kuta - large shopping center with various shops.



Mentality If you are sometimes really angry, above all never speak loudly despite your emotions, to the Balinese. Putting your hands on the hips is improper, as well as presenting your bare soles on display towards the Balinese. In Bali we have never had a bad experience when we touched children to greet or played with them. In the rest of Asia, it is advisable to refrain because the children must then undergo a number of unpleasant ceremonies. You will find a little etiquette guide for Indonesia in our library. Therein you will also find very interesting information about the history of Indonesia.


Animals (on principle never touch)
Although the villa is in a rural area located in Asia, up until now we have never come across anything dangerous on our property. We have also two kitty cats ( Abu Abu is the gray cat and Putih the white), who are responsible for any cleanup. During the mating season of the frogs (October / November), it may be that a few frogs croak around the entrance. Philippe is a specialist in capturing them with a net.

Mosquitoes are not as numerous despite of nearby rice fields. Most likely you will notice them around sunset time between 18.30 und 19.30 clock. Our recommendation for this time is Antibrumm, should it still come however with all the protection to stings, we recommend Parapic. During the rainy season it has many puddles in Seminyak, Legian, Kuta. These puddles are the breading ground the dangerous mosquitoes that can cause dengue fever. So protect yourself good or avoid these areas.




Emergencies / Health

SOS Klinik Medika, Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai No 505X, Kuta. 24-hour alarm center +62 361 710 505

Pharmacies – of which there are many, such as 24-hour operation including very competent advice

Ears (possibly a vexed issue). Our European ears are not used to being in the pool for hours. Therefore, they should always be thoroughly washed with fresh water and dried. Our Davos pharmacist gave us the advice to once or twice a week to sprinkle a few drops of olive oil to protect the inner ear's. Sea water: Rinse the ears after bathing well with fresh water - because it will otherwise leave dry salt crystals that lead to micro cuts and severe ear infections. In this case, the pharmacies here have effective antibiotic drops to offer. The inflammation diminishes after treatment usually within 24 hours.

Aircondition Judicious use is advisable both in the villa and in the car ( open windows). This will prevent colds.



Sun Bali is located near the equator. Direct sun should be enjoyed only by 09.30 o’clock in the morning or in the afternoon from 16.00 o’clock onwards. Always wear Waterproof sunscreen outside during the day or while staying in the pool is highly recommended!


Electricity There is no need to be stingy with the use of light in the Villa. We are using energy saving LED lamps throughout the villa with one to three watts per lamp. High power consumers are the air conditions in the rooms. Therefore, please switch them off when you get up in the morning and open doors and windows. Sutama then opens the room completely, so that the room is well ventilated during the day.


Money can change Sutama for you. The exchange rates are based on the dollar. Since the rooms are equipped with little safety boxes, you can easily change larger amounts (better price). Do not let money just lying around - even though our employees and the Balinese are generally very trustworthy, people should not lead you into temptation.



Bundesamt EDA Federal Office for Foreign Affairs

Schweizer Konsulat Bali: Address: Kompleks Istana Kuta Galleria, Blok Valet 2 No.. 12, Jalan Patih Jelantik, Kuta, Bali. Telephone +62 36 175 1735, fax + 62 36 175 4457


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