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Our house keeper, the good soul Iluh and Ketut, are from Monday to Saturday (also Sunday) from 08.00 till 16.00 o’clock at the Villa. The house is cleaned daily (Sundays from ILLU). But if you want your privacy at 12.00, you simply send them all home, no one will be angry with you for doing so. The gardener Nyoman is also present for the maintenance of the garden. Here one does not grow, but daily cut back green. Finally, we have also an older couple that is responsible for pool cleaning twice a week for about 10 minutes. They always come when you just want to jump into the water. But there are these little plaques "Do Not Disturb", which you can hang out at the two entrance doors, if you do not want to be disturbed.


If you have a small shopping desire, such as fresh croissants (but please no big shopping list), Sutama brings them to you in the morning. Under the emergency numbers you can reach all our employees.

Tipping: The employees (3) are always very happy about a "chunk".


1-2 guests: per week for each employee 200,000 to 300,000 rupiah (equivalent to CHF 15 - 23)


3 - 6 guests: per week for each employee max. 300,000 to 400,000 rupiah (equivalent to CHF 23 - 30)


In case you ordered a driver, 200,000 Rupiah per week (equivalent to CHF 15)


Thank you! The tip is preferably to present on Saturday. For all other services (massage, Driver etc.), the Balinese always appreciate a custom tip.

Our employees offer the following services:


Registration: Please give your passport to Iluh to register within the first day.
The sheets and towels are changed regularly.
Your laundry bring employees to the laundry and take it as 1 - 2 days and again (service life), per kilo approximately CHF 2:00 - ie costs virtually nothing. Add No silk or delicate fabrics.
Recharging the prepaid cards for mobile phones
change money benefit directly from Swiss francs (or euros) in rupiah (CHF 100 approximately 1.35 million rupiah - Depending on the exchange). Iluh goes for you to the bank and exchange your money correctly with acknowledgment. It can not be paid for everything by credit card. (Rp. 100,000 approximately CHF 7.00)
Small errands.
Breakfast service: Say what you would like: fresh fruit, fresh fruit juice, bread, butter and jam, eggs (scrambled, omelets, fried eggs, soft egg, hard-boiled eggs), bacon. On request, fresh croissants.


Taxi – Taxis are very favorable, please be sure that the taxi has a taximeter and do not go on a vacation prices. . Canggu Taxi Tel 0361 789 99 90. Provide the following information when ordering: Villa Güggel, Gang Karisma, Banjar Pegending, Dalung. If you are calling from the villa, you can ask Iluh to call. Never leave the house without the address of Villa Güggel; business cards are availible at the villa. At night not all taxis will use the meter and require easily 200'000 to 300'000 rupiah for the trip home. This represents twice the daily rate - the taxi drivers are therefore also called "brigands".

Driver: Driver: For the airport transfer services is "Dion" availible.



Guided, "traditional Bali Tour" with Yani ..... A must !!!!


For special Trips we recommend Yani 081 734 16 50 He has not always time and can therefore only by the day excursions. He knows Bali attractions and beauties that will never seen by other tourists. He speaks good German - even a little Swiss German. Daily price for Yani and the rent for our "APV LUXURY" CHF.100 per day or 1'400'000 Rupiah, plusPetrol


* CHF 55 Driver / CHF 45 Car


* Rupiah 800'000 Driver / 600'000 Car


* Payable Amount Total with cash in the villa, to Iluh.



We bought a hot, Bali car "Suzuki APV Luxury" for the Villa Güggel. offers six seats plus driver



With Navi, leather captains seats, Aircon, Stereo, TV, Automatic with Overdrive and more. For testing purposes, we are already drove up the mountains and after Munduk golfing and staying overnight. The APV runs the steepest mountain stages like a Swiss mountain goat. For the jam in the city its is good enough.



Privat Driver "Dion" with our"APV" for Transfers, day's or week(s)

* Additional transfers to the airport. In Iluh book and pay. The transfer will cost 300,000 rupiah.


* 1 week: 8 - 10 hours a day on call (lead time 1 to 2 hours or the day before order) The week must be booked in Switzerland. CHF 400 (CHF 150 Driver / CHF 250 Auto).


* 2 weeks: 8 - 10 hours a day on call (lead time 1 to 2 hours or order the day before) The two weeks must be booked in advance in Switzerland. CHF 700 (CHF 300 Driver / CHF 400 Auto).


Driver "Kaca" metered taxi. Philippe tried already for shopping purposes for 7 hours. With Rupiah 500,000 rupiah including tip he was very satisfied. Telephone of Kaca: 081 338 391 972. Exchange rates without engagement. In our Villa Car "APV" passengers are not insured, Swiss citizens should all have their own accident insurance. Gasoline (liters approx 55 cents).



Massages: For massages at the villa, you dial the number 081 936 086 400/081 236 80785 (Rp. 100,000 to 150,000) CHF 7.00 to CHF 11.00 per hour. You can also order several massages at the same time. Under the same number you can also Manicure or pedicure to order. During the massage, please deckchairs with large blue towels cover (oil spots). There are of course in Bali also many spas offering massages....

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